Welcome to the iPath-Network

iPath-Network is a web application service offered by basysdata company. The aim of this service is to offer a hosted and supported platform based on the open source collaboration platform iPath which was originally developed at the University of Basel. If you are interested in using a system based on iPath but if you do not want to take care of all the technical details involved in running your own webserver then please drop us a line.

iPath is a case based collaboration platform which is used in telemedicine application to share information within a distributed group of people. It is being used in the domains of "consultation", "teaching" and "research".

more information about this site will soon be available here ...

Server migration completed
Dear user, it seems that the server migration is complete now. sending cases by email seems to be working again. should you find any trouble working with iPath pleasue send us an email.
Email not working ...
Der users

the server has been moved to our new offices. Web access works again, however, email access is not ready yet .... we keep working on it ...

Server migration
Dear users We have moved our offices to a new location and we will need to move the iPath server to our new locations. Therefore this server will not be online on Monday, Feb, 20th.
Additionally, we need to reconfigure the DNS configuration so it may take up to 24h before the server is online and available from everywhere.
Happy New Year 2017
The iPath team wishes all a happy new year 2017, successful cooperation, health and peace in all regions of the world.
2017 New Forums on our Telemedicine platform
Dear users, to bring more structure into our platform, to relieve the consultants of the Histopathology Forum and also to offer a specialized service, we have set up the following new forums in the field of Pathology: Neuropathology Forum, Gastrointestinal Pathology Forum, Mammapathology Forum, Häematopathology Forum, Ophthalmology Forum, Further special groups in other medical fields, like Cardiology, Radiology etc. are planned and will be set up as soon as possible. If you are interested to work in these new Groups as sender or consultant please feel free to contact me. Monika Hubler monika.hubler@unibas.ch