Welcome to the iPath-Network

iPath-Network is a web application service offered by basysdata company. The aim of this service is to offer a hosted and supported platform based on the open source collaboration platform iPath which was originally developed at the University of Basel. If you are interested in using a system based on iPath but if you do not want to take care of all the technical details involved in running your own webserver then please drop us a line.

iPath is a case based collaboration platform which is used in telemedicine application to share information within a distributed group of people. It is being used in the domains of "consultation", "teaching" and "research".

more information about this site will soon be available here ...

Service interruption
Dear Users The main internet line of the iPath-Server hosting has been disrupted last Wednesday. The reason was a broken fiber cable. Finally, the ISP has been able to repair the broken cable and the iPath-Network is now back online. Please note, that since last Wednesday, iPath could not receive nor send any emails.
Problem with Yahoo emails
Most email notifications are going out again. However, yahoo is currently still blocking outgoing emails from the servers new IP address. We are trying to solve the issue with Yahoo, however, users with yahoo email addresses will still have to wait for notification messages.
The notification problem is solved
We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. Best regards Monika Hubler
The Norifications do not seem to work right now
If you notice any problems, please send an e-mail to monika.hubler@unibas.ch
Server migration completed
Dear user, it seems that the server migration is complete now. sending cases by email seems to be working again. should you find any trouble working with iPath pleasue send us an email.